FuzzzPlayground can accommodate any travel needs for your dog, whether a Daycare, Grooming or a Boarding guest. Your dog will enjoy a safe and comfortable ride, and will be well secured in a special car harness during the ride.


Pick up

We offer the convenience of having your dog picked up so they can join us for a day of fun :-) 

Almost anytime is a good time to join the fun. When you become a Fuzzz PlayGround Customer you will be able to request a pick up via text message.

So next time you're running late and that sweet pup is already promised to go to Fuzz just give us a call and we will be happy to come pick up your pup. 

The CAR ride

(CAR RIDE) need we say more... The Fuzz ride is so much fun; your dog will already be excited to come play, but first your pup will get to go on a car ride & get greeted & transported by one of his favorite staff members ♡

The Fuzzz Team is more than happy to assist your dog on the car ride; we will do pretty much anything to grant your dog a smooth, safe, comfortable road trip.

We are all about your dog's safety & happiness, therefore, we use Deluxe Car Safety Harness to secure your pup, which is designed with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind. No matter how big or little your pup is we have the right size car harness to accommodate them. 




Drop off

Are you coming home late? Or feel like spoiling yourself & stay in? With Fuzz you sure can :-)

Not only will we care for your dog all day but also we are more than happy to drop off your dog at home after the playday is over...

Wait, what if I am not home? 

Actually we have earned the trust of all our customers since the beginning. With your permission & access we can go in your home place your dog where they need to be, prepare dinner & water for the sweet pup, & leave the house locked behind. 

Sounds too good to be true?...

The best part about all this is the pricing. We are here to help & for your convenience it's usually under $10 for the transportation, but depends on the distance. 


All of Fuzzz PlayGround services were drafted with yours & your dog's superior comfort, happiness and safety.