We understand how hard it is to leave your pup & that's exactly why we are the best people for the job. At Fuzzz PlayGround we go above and beyond to ensure a happy, safe stay with us. Not to mention, we are all about yours & your dog's comfort in every single aspect. For example: 

- The dogs that get to stay overnight enjoy the same daytime play areas and attention as Daycare friends for no additional charge. They are only kenneled at night.

- Customize your overnight stay. With Fuzz you're more than welcome to bring any toy, bed, blanket, or personal doggie item so your pup can feel more like at home. And if you're looking to do more, feel free to pack your dog all the treats & delicious food he likes including snacks & tooth brushes :)

- Pupdates! We provide a unique service to the parents of our boarded dogs: a daily text from us that includes a picture of your dog at play from that day and an update on the dog's daily activities.

Pick up & drop off anytime during business hours. 

- Monitor: all dogs on the premises are under camera surveillance 24 hours.

- Medicine: When it comes to administering medicine, the Fuzz team is experienced, has a bunch of tricks to make the process easier for all & has StringTown animal hospital as a strategic partner to help in anything & everything.