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In-Home Care (Home Visit)


IT all Begins with a smile

With a big smile and a wagging tail, we enter your home (after notifying you of our presence) and start with the following:

  • Greet your pup with the most love & respect.

  • Clean any doggie mess.

  • Refresh Water + Food.

  • Administer any medicine needed.

  • Efficient & Trustworthy.


The Fun continues

  1. We will play & entertain your dog employing all the resources available (Toys, Backyard, games, etc...)

  2. Our life revolves around you & your dog! so we always enjoy the company of your dog & highly appreciate your trust.

  3. Your precious dog will get to go on a quick walk in the neighborhood and will be highly motivated to poop & pee with the help of our trademark tricks & tactics.

  4. YES! of course PUPDATES are included... before the end of the visit you will receive a text message on your phone updating you about the visit and how it went. Pictures of your sweet dog playing and enjoying his visit will be sent as well :-)



Wind down

It may be a quick visit (30 minutes) but we sure do have LOTS of fun... so derived from our care we make sure to calm the dogs down before leaving so they are not all excited and hyped up from the fun. With a little bit of extra love, we guarantee to have your dog all relaxed and ready to spend a little more time home alone until his family returns <3