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If you're looking for a specific Spa treatment, then you have arrived! We are more than happy to accommodate you & your pup with a simple bath or even a quick nail clipping. With Fuzz you have the option of purchasing the whole package or one service at a time 😊





Double B's (De-shedding Solution) $40.00

A professional De-Shedding treatment from (Furminator), contains Natural ingredients & Omega fatty acids which reduce excessive shedding and promote healthy skin and grants tangle-free gorgeous hair.

Scrub Scrub Scrub ! For every bath, we employ an old-fashioned Fuzz signature bath. where every little part of your dog gets scrubbed with no bathtub & no hassle. Simply because #WeSpeakDog

Regular Bath

Double B's


Regular Bath $20.00

When you pick up your dog, pick up an even Fuzzier Fuzz, clean and soft, with our warm relaxing bathing service after a fun day of play. Scrub, scrub, scrub!


Nail Clipping & Grinding $12.00

For your convenience, and for your Fuzz's safety and that of the Fuzz pack, we offer a quick and affordable nail clipping service. In addition to trimming the nails we grind them as well, which removes jagged nail edges & helps prevent cracked or broken nails.


Ear Cleaning $5.00

  • Keep your dog's ears healthy
  • Keep your dog's ears clean, dry, and free of infection.
  • Helps create an environment unfavorable to bacteria and fungus.

Teeth Cleaning Solution $20.00

  1. Germ-killing chlorhexidine solutions.
  2. Kills odor-causing germs to banish bad breath without harming sensitive gums.
  3. Minty-fresh breath.

Dental Scrub Chew $5.00

Veterinarian-formulated Dental Scrubbies Treats, Scrapes your dog's teeth clean, massages their gums, and helps keep their breath fresher.